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Forsaken Ops (Aurora)

Aurora is a moderation bot designed for use with the service.

Features include automated bans, filtering, and load balancing across all bots connected to Sovereign. Aurora supports a range of moderation functions which are all capable of communicating with other Aurora bots automatically. A Matrix view is available, enabling the display of all profiles in a grid-format.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 - Get it here

Due to significant changes in version 0.7.0, configurations from earlier versions cannot be imported. Any profiles must be recreated using the new version.

  • Adjusted queue timings
  • Adjusted filtering and increased data lifespan
  • Adjusted load balance rates
  • Restricted maximum queue multiplier
  • Fixed Profile Manager button colors
  • Fixed banning when adding flags B and X
  • Fixed message splitting for !say
  • Fixed doubled error message for !set
  • Fixed master selection

Aurora has been rewritten to take advantage of features and designs that have become available since earlier releases. Below are a few highlights of the new core:
  • Highly efficient chat filtering
  • New adaptive message queue
  • Improved HTML chat logging
  • Improved command handling
  • Lower memory usage
  • Refreshed client icons
  • Added option to show/hide profile in tabs
  • Added option to show/hide profile on Matrix tab
  • Added option to show/hide milliseconds field in the message timestamp
  • Added option to customize tab and Matrix captions for profiles
  • Added chat modifiers
  • Added multi-selection support to the channel userlist
  • Added support for Sovereign chat
  • Added ability to rearrange profile tabs
  • Added option to enable/disable window transparency
  • Added several upgrades to the chat filtering functionality
  • Added support for viewing and editing profiles
  • Added ability to insert usernames from userlist into the textbox when double-clicked
  • Added option to show/hide self-talk commands
  • Added option to automatically allow load balancing with other Auroras
  • Added multi-trigger exemption for "?trigger"
  • Added Fast Join/Talk Ban
  • Added option to bind a profile to a local IP
  • Updated chat display to utilize new timestamp format
  • Updated UI construction
  • Updated chat filtering sensitivity
  • Updated chat filtering to automatically unfilter users
  • Updated chat display handling to reduce maximum number of displayed lines from 250 to 200
  • Updated error handling in several commands in an effort to track and eliminate a bug
  • Updated AddChat function handling
  • Updated flag handling to prevent adding unnecessary flags
  • Updated various sections of code
  • Moved WebBot settings from General tab to Sovereign tab in Profile Manager
  • Removed left/right combo boxes
  • Fixed Unfilter channel userlist bug
  • Fixed filtering issue with UserLeave events
  • Fixed ban message parsing error allowing for intermittent double-bans
  • Fixed file-checking code
  • Fixed intermittent error preventing Connect button from working
  • Fixed bug in tab/Matrix status image
  • Fixed manual filter/unfilter issue
  • Fixed issue preventing transparency changes from taking effect immediately

  • Added new filtering method
  • Updated Floodban to extend the timeout
  • Updated Profiles menu to automatically select the visible profile
  • Updated WebBot support to improve compatibility with new WebBot applications
  • Updated various other functions
  • Fixed DNS resolution issue causing connections to IP addresses to take longer than domain names
  • Fixed intermittent issue causing maximum CPU usage after a reconnection to Sovereign or
  • Fixed issue causing the connection to stall
  • Fixed channel-checking function for Floodban to properly check the channel Master status
Forsaken Ops (Aurora)


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