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Forsaken Ops Aurora

Project Documentation

Version 0.6.0


  1. Interface
  2. Profiles
  3. Functions
  4. Chat Filtering
  5. Sovereign Features
  6. Access Flags
  7. Commands

1. Interface

Below are the different views and windows which can be found in Forsaken Ops Aurora. Each window can be accessed through the menus or from other specified location(s).

Matrix View

All profiles that are configured to be shown on the Matrix tab are displayed in a matrix format in this view. The matrix expands up to a 5x5 grid, allowing 25 profiles to be monitored from one window.

Profile View

This is the primary chat interface for connections to both and Sovereign. Commandline access is available through the standard input box, which provides access to all the bot's functions.

Profile Manager ( account information (username, password, email, cdkey, etc.) are configured using this interface. This interface provides access to the Key Manager.

Profile Manager (Server)

Server information for and the BNLS server to use for hashing. The Proxy Manager and proxy support will be included in a future release.

Profile Manager (Sovereign)

Sovereign account information is configured using this interface. Sovereign WebBot configuration is also available in this window.

Profile Manager (General)

Miscellaneous settings are located in this interface. These settings control the interface and specific functionality.

Profile Manager (BNET Functions) moderation and command functions are configured in this interface. All settings available here can also be accessed using the commandline from or the Profile View.

Database Manager users may be addd to the database using this interface. This interface provides information about the user who last made a change to another user's access.

Key Manager

CDKeys for the various products can be entered using this interface. If the CDKey textbox in a profile is blank or set to 'auto', available CDKeys from this list are automatically assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. Profiles

Create a Profile

You can create a profile from within the Profile Manager. This is accessed via the 'Settings' menu on the main window. To create a new profile, enter a name for the profile into the textbox near the bottom left corner of the window and click 'Add'. On the '' tab, you must enter a username, password, home channel, cdkey, client, and an email address (email address is only required for creating accounts). On the 'Server' tab you must select a server to connect to.

Accessing a Profile

You can access the Profile View of any profile from many places. First, you can click on its tab at the top of the main window. You can also quickly access a profile from the Matrix View by double-clicking on its thumbnail. In the event that a profile's tab and thumbnail are not displayed, you can access it via the 'Profiles' menu.

Connecting a Profile

You can connect or disconnect a profile from the Profile View via the 'Connection' menu. You can also connect, disconnect, or reconnect all currently connected profiles from the Matrix View via the 'Connection' menu. You can also right-click an individual thumbnail to access its connection menu.

Rearranging Profiles

Profiles can be rearranged by clicking and dragging their tab to the left or right of another tab. This rearrangement will affect the profile's position within the tab listing as well as the Profile Manager.

3. Functions

Client Ban

All users who join the channel using a banned client will be automatically banned.


This function is integrated with the Aurora chat filters. Upon detecting a flood or load, the Floodban function becomes automatically activated if enabled.

Idle Ban

Users who are idle in the channel for the specified number of minutes will be banned.

Fast Join/Talk Ban

Users who send a chat message immediately after joining will be automatically banned.


All users entering the channel will be automatically banned.

Ping Ban

Any users who join the channel with a ping matching the provided pattern will be banned.

Plug Ban

Any users who join the channel with a "lagplug" icon will be banned.

4. Chat Filtering

Chat filtering is fully integrated into the bot. Upon detecting spam, Aurora will automatically filter most of it without issue. As the filters collect more data, they will become more accurate. If the 'Enable advanced filter features' option is enabled, Aurora will more thoroughly filter out spam messages and events.

5. Sovereign Features


Chat is provided through Sovereign by configuring the account settings in the Profile Manager. Configuration for this global and only one Sovereign user account can be logged on at any one time from each instance of Forsaken Ops.

When new chat messages are received, they are displayed on all profiles that are connected to If no profiles are connected, messages will be displayed within the first profile that was loaded. You can send messages by selecting the 'Sovereign' tab under the channel userlist and typing normally. To then send messages to, you must select the '' tab.


WebBot is a feature that is built into Forsaken Ops Aurora. This feature enables remote viewing of the channel in which the bot resides. If the optional WebBot password is set, users may also remotely chat through the bot using the WebBot Web Interface. The interface requires Microsoft Silverlight to function. An HTML version of the interface can also be found here.

6. Access Flags

Flag Description
A Admin (Inherits DFGIJOQST)
B Autoban
C Bot Control
D Designate
F Function Control
G General
I Invite
J Join
M Master (Inherits ACW)
O Operator
Q Query
S Safelist
T Talk
W WAR3 Clan Control
X Exiled (Auto-IP ban)
*Note: Safelist flag overrides all ban functions.

7. Commands

Command Flag Description
del A Removed the specified user from the database. (Alias: removeuser, remuser, rem, deluser)
loadbalance A Provides options for Sovereign load balancing. (Alias: lb)
set A Adds or sets a user to the specified flags. Flags may be added, subtracted, or set to a user by prefixing a "+" or "-" to the flags to modify. Tags may be added/set using the "-w" modifier. Example: "!set -w *tag* S". (Alias: setuser, adduser, add)
sovmaster A Enables, disables, or resets the Sovereign Master functionality. Also returns the Channel Master as determined by Sovereign. Parameters: 'on', 'off', 'reset', '?'. (Alias: sovereignmaster, sm)
quit C Closes the bot. (Alias: shutdown, close)
reconnect C Reconnects to (Alias: rc)
designate D Designates the specified user. (Alias: des)
giveops D Designates the specified user and relinquishes channel operator status. (Alias: op)
resign D Relinquishes channel operator status. (Alias: n/a)
autounban F Sets or displays status information for Automatic Unban. (Alias: aub, au)
clientban F Sets or displays status information for Client ban. (Alias: cb)
cp F Sets the clan channel privacy status. (Alias: clan)
cq F Clears the message queue. (Alias: clearqueue)
floodban F Sets or displays status information for Floodban. (Alias: fb)
idleban F Sets or displays status information for Idle ban. (Alias: ib)
jointalkban F Sets or displays status information for Fast Join/Talk ban. (Alias: fastjointalkban, fjtb, fjt)
lockdown F Sets or displays status information for Lockdown. (Alias: ld)
pingban F Sets or displays status information for Ping ban. (Alias: pb)
plugban F Sets or displays status information for Plug ban. (Alias: n/a)
settrigger F Sets the bot's trigger to the specified character or string. (Alias: settrig)
?trigger G Returns the bot's current trigger. (Alias: ?t)
access G Returns a specified user's access. If no user is specified, it will return the access of the user issuing the command. (Alias: a)
ping G Returns ping information for the specified user. If no user is specified, it will return ping information for the user issuing the command. (Alias: pingme)
time G Returns the bot's current time and date. (Alias: n/a)
version G Returns version information. (Alias: about, ver, v)
invite I Invites the specified user to the clan. (Alias: n/a)
home J Attempts to join the bot's home channel. (Alias: n/a)
join J Joins the specified channel. (Alias: j)
rejoin J Rejoins the current channel. (Alias: rj)
accept M Accepts the most recent clan invitation. (Alias: n/a)
ban O Bans the specified user. (Alias: b)
ipban O IP-bans the specified user from the channel. (Alias: ip)
kick O Kicks the specified user from the channel. (Alias: k)
unban O Unbans the specified user. (Alias: ub, u)
unbanlast O Unbans the last user banned. (Alias: ubl)
unipban O Un-IP-bans the specified user from the channel. (Alias: unip)
bancount Q Returns the number of users banned. (Alias: n/a)
filterstats Q Returns filter statistics. (Alias: filterstatistics, filteredcount, filtered, fs)
lastwhisper Q Returns the last whisper message received. (Alias: lw)
uptime Q Returns the bot's connection uptime. (Alias: n/a)
reply T Responds to the last user to whisper the bot with the specified message. (Alias: r)
say T Speaks the specified message. (Alias: n/a)
whisper T Whispers the provided message to the specified user. (Alias: whisp, message, msg, w)
setrank W Sets the specified Warcraft III clan member to the provided rank. (Alias: n/a)
memberinfo W/Q Returns Warcraft III member information for the specified user. (Alias: userinfo, claninfo, mi)
shamans W/Q Returns the users with the rank of Shaman for the bot's clan. (Alias: n/a)

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